SCA Courses SCA Courses

The School of Creativity and Art (SCA) envisions the next generation of creative art professionals as integral to inject new inspiration and momentum into China and, to increase our humanity and provide advances in our cultural and spiritual lives.

To understand the creative arts we must open ourselves to new, often unorthodox ideas and personal understanding. We encourage our students to take a fresh look at their world and imagine how it may appear from a new perspective. Creative intelligence is a skill for artists as well as scientists. Where artists instill imagination, scientists verify facts and observations. With stronger creative skills our scientists will be able to more freely explore and to more clearly visualize their observations.  

We serve all ShanghaiTech undergraduates and postgraduates with a unique and rewarding educational experience that will provide insights, rewards and skills that will severe them for their professional and personal lives.

The SCA foundation courses include film studies, digital creative coding, and game design as well as a full-range of traditional fine and performing arts. As we expand our curriculum we will offer advanced creative tools most often used in the visual effects industry. The power of these tools will allow our students to apply massive amounts of data into highly accurate simulations.

We stand a point of history where China will lead the world in sciences and engineering. Our lasting contribution to humanity will arrive when the visual arts are fully integrated with the sciences. Where the mind fuels science, the heart powers art. Together we will succeed beyond our expectations.

(PHOTO BY:瞿心仪)