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School of Creativity and Art is marked blue in the map as shown below. Classroom and offices locate on the 3rd, 4th or 5th floor on the East Building. Two elevators on the Northeast and the Southeast corner connect to the underground parking garage and 1-5 floors. 

By car: drive through the West Gate (No. 249 Jihui Road) or the East Gate (No. 1 Zhongke Road) and park on the road, pls see the map below; or drive enter the underground parking garage, park at the junction of B and C areas.

By walk: walk through North Gate (No. 230 Haike Road) straight to the south, School of Creativity and Art is on the right side; or walk through the East Gate (No. 1 Zhongke Road) according to the map.

Office:SCA Building, 393 Midle HuaXia Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 201210

Phone: See the details at STAFF


WeChat Public Account: 上科大创艺