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Event Summary | Creativity Labs Opening Day

Event Name: Creativity Labs Opening Day


Time: October 24th and 25th, 2019


Location: 2nd Floor, West Building, School of Creativity and Art



On October 24th and 25th, the Creativity Labs platform of the School of Creativity and Art welcomed more than 130 students from different colleges in ShanghaiTech University of Science and Technology. The students entered the laboratories for the first time and they interacted with the professors in person. During the opening days, the heads of the five laboratories made a unified appearance, leading the students into experiences that blended science and design.

Lab Introductions


Center for Adaptive System Engineering, CASE

Focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as adaptive 3D printing, precision detection and automation, and digital assembly. Creating an adaptive intelligent manufacturing platform based on data, Internet of Things, and closed loop feedback of the entire manufacturing process through advanced and transformative research and integrated applications of innovation.


Artificial Intelligence and Digital Art Lab, AIDA

Committed to the research, exploration and application of group intelligence and machine consciousness from the two dimensions of science and design. Focusing on deep learning, reinforcement learning, multi-agent collaboration, and more. Exploring artistic expression and design led by artificial intelligence.


Design Interaction Visual Lab, DIV

Focusing on interdisciplinary research and practice, including design, art, human-computer interaction, participatory design, artificial intelligence, computer science, sociology, anthropology, communications, business, cultural research and social innovation design in related fields. Using artificial intelligence and innovative technology, DIV proposes new ideas, novel methods and concepts for the design of intelligent future living environments, and the support of innovative designs of future cities.


Creative Entertainment Lab, CEL

Committed to the creativity and research of entertainment products (variety, film and television, animation, e-sports / video games and live entertainment, etc). Develop VR (virtual reality) / AR (augmented reality) that explores entertainment products using big data, deep learning, artificial intelligence technology ) / MR (Mixed Reality) and other creative experiments.


Shanghai Institute of Fog Computing Technology, SHIFT

Focusing on the users and design needs of future intelligent services, the conscious network theory and technology empowered by fog computing. SHIFT produces original innovations in four areas: (1) network architecture, (2) hardware nodes, (3) software systems, (4) intelligent services. Building the world's leading fog computing test bed and test platform, using distinctive industry application demonstrations as traction, developing key technologies and product prototypes, and actively promoting the transformation of research results.


Although the professional backgrounds of the students are different, after learning about the research directions of each lab, the students showed great interest and aspirations of participating in the research work of the laboratories.

Additional Information


Question: I am an undergraduate in a different college, and can I participate in the research work of a laboratory in the Creativity Labs platform?


Answer: Of course, you are welcome to participate. Based on the principle of mutual selections between professors and students, our lab is willing to open to undergraduates who want to carry out research and practice activities.



Question: I am an undergraduate student in a different college. Can I apply for a graduate program in the School of Creativity and Art?


Answer: Yes. Each laboratory wants to attract students with different professional backgrounds, so please specifically communicate with the laboratory leader or graduate admissions teacher.



Question: I am a graduate / doctoral student from other colleges. Can I participate in the laboratory work of the Creativity Laboratory platform?


Answer: Yes, you are welcome to participate. It is recommended that students first obtain the approval of the tutor and the college. Students can participate without affecting the original professional research work.

In the future, the Creativity Labs at the School of Creativity and Art will launch various activities in order to provide more opportunities for cooperation, exchange and learning. Unlimited possibilities are waiting for everyone.