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Shouzhi Wang

Shouzhi Wang is one of the most important founders of Chinese modern design and the education of modern design. He used to be a tenured professor at Art Center College of Design, a professor at the School of Architecture in Southern California, and a visiting professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Recognized by well-known experts and scholars, Wang Shouzhi has published numerous influential works on design theory, such as: The History of World Industrial Design, History of World Modern Architecture, History of World Modern Design, History of World Graphic Design, etc. At the same time, Wang Shouzhi has a lot of experience in design practice. Since 2000, he has participated in various design projects, and he served as a project consultant for many companies such as: Vanke, Sunac, CITIC, Longhu, Zhongwei, and Jianye. Wang Shouzhi advocates the combination of theory and practice in talent training, focusing more on the training of applied talents. He has exceptional academic insights and international visions in the fields of mobile design, artificial intelligence product design, and entertainment design.

Hua Yang

Hua Yang is a teaching professor at the School of Creativity and Art and the Executive Director of Design Interaction Visual Lab at ShanghaiTech University. She graduated from Peter Behrens School of Arts, University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf in Germany and an officially listed designer in German. Her main research interests include information design, interaction design, and new media arts. The works by Hua Yang are exhibited worldwide, winning her numerous international awards in the field of digital media. Many of her students now work in eminent Internet studios as user researchers and interactive designers.