Visiting Professors Visiting Professors

  • Brian Cox

    Teacher of 'Unity Game Development'

    Game Development professional with over 6 years’ experience in AAA games as a Gameplay and UI Programmer. Employed by some of the world's top studios such as Ubisoft, Rare (Microsoft) and Creative Assembly (SEGA). Game titles include: Far Cry 5, Halo Wars 2, Sea of Thieves, Rare Replay, Kinect Sports Rivals and Age of Wonders III. Passionate about creating games in Unity.

  • Tao Zhou

    Teacher of 'Dramatic performance'

    Graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy with a Master of Arts degree, majoring in Director Studies. He is a theatrical performer, screenwriter, drama history researcher, and the winner of the Chinese Drama Award for Outstanding Scriptwriting. He is a lecturer of Fudan University at the Art Education Center (The lectures he teaches include: Theatrical PerformanceThe Art of Film and TV DramaNew Vision of Film and TV Plays and so on); He is the instructor of Fudan Drama Club and the director of Shanghai Student Drama Experiment Center (His dramaRichard II was selected for the Edinburgh Festival); He is a member of the Shanghai Major Literature and Art Creation Leading Group Expert Review Committee; He is also the host of Shanghai TV Station Five Star Sports Channel.

  • Youzhi Yin

    Teacher of "Creative Communication and Practice - CAD"

    A working industrial designer at Dell Technologies Group, he is responsible for the design of enterprise level products. Based on his comprehensive background in mechanical engineering and industrial design, he will lead students to learn the processes of product design, digital modeling and structural design in real projects, and experience the satisfaction and fulfillment in design work.