Distinguished Adjunct Professors Distinguished Adjunct Professors

  • Jiang Hu

    Distinguished Professor

    Jiang Hu is the chairman of the Chinese Museum Association Digital Committee, the chief editor of the third edition of the Encyclopedia of China (Informatics Volume), and the second-level technical research librarian. He previously served as deputy director of the Shanghai Museum and director of the Shanghai History Museum. He had published the Swirls Password (2003),  Cognitive Art: The New Subject in Cognitive Science and other monographs and papers. He was responsible for the concept plan of 2010 Shanghai World EXPO’s China pavilion and the theme pavilions. He participated in the database construction of Chinese Museum Collections, as well as the architectural exhibition and information engineering for dozens of provincial and municipal museums such as the Capital Museum.

    Research Interests: World Heritage; History of Creativity in the Development of Culture and Civilization; Interdiscipline of Cognitive Science and Aesthetics; Interaction of Eastern and Western Built Environment and Consciousness Energy; Interpretation and Empowerment of Creative Brain Functions.

    Admissions Major: Cognitive Creative Studies

  • Jun Wang

    Distinguished Professor

    Professor of the Department of Computer Science at the University of London College (UCL), director of Internet Science and Big Data Analysis, doctor of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, major researcher in intelligent information systems, including: data mining, computational advertising, recommendation systems, machine learning, reinforcement learning, generative models, etc. Wang Jun has published more than 100 academic papers and he won the best paper award multiple times. He is an internationally recognized expert in computational advertising and intelligent recommendation systems. (video)

    Research Interests: Machine Learning, multi-agent artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning, generative models and the fusion of artificial intelligence and art, etc.

    Admissions Major: Computer Science and Technology

    Email: wangjun@shanghaitech.edu.cn

  • Bin Wei

    Distinguished Professor

    A distinguished professor of CASE. He is also a global specialist in special equipment and industrial Internet technology. He graduated from Manufacturing Engineering of University of Nebraska Lincoln and got a doctor's degree in 1994. He has more than 30 years of scientific research, production and management experience in the direction of special processing technology. He was the global chief engineer of materials and manufacturing at GE Central Research Institute. A total of 55 authorized international patents and 32 technical papers have been published.

    Research fields: Closed-loop control of non-traditional manufacturing process of power equipment, automatic testing, digital manufacturing system, strategy and management system of manufacturing plan, industrial internet technology.

    Major of admission: Electronic Science and Technology.

    Email: weib20188@outlook.com

  • Jian Zhang

    Distinguished Professor

    A distinguished professor of Center for Adaptive System Engineering (CASE). He received his Ph.D. from Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR, CAS) in 1999. He had worked at Brunel University, London, and University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany before joined IMR in 2003. He is director of superalloys division of IMR. His research activities focus on advanced casting technology, microstructure and properties of superalloys. He is also collaborating closely with industrial partners in alloy design and application projects. He is deputy secretary-general of high temperature materials committee, the Chinese Society for Metals and a member of superalloys committee, TMS.

    Research fields: Cast superalloy materials and processes for advanced power systems, manufacturing processes of single crystal components, superalloys used in extreme environments

    Major of admission: Material Science and Engineering

    Email: zhangjian1@shanghaitech.edu.cn