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Yingna Wu

She is the deputy director and a researcher of CASE. In 2001, she received a doctorate in material processing engineering from the Institute of metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is committed to the research and development and engineering application of Superalloy protective coating, surface strengthening, material remanufacturing and other fields. She has published more than 30 academic papers, applied for 25 patents in China, the United States and Europe, and authorized 13 patents. Before joining ShanghaiTech University, she worked in postdoctoral work at the National Institute of materials of Japan. She joined General Electric Company in 2008, and successively served as senior scientist, laboratory manager and technical director of GE Central Research Institute and general manager of GE China intelligent manufacturing technology center. She focuses on the research and development of advanced manufacturing technology in the fields of aviation, energy, oil and gas, medical equipment, and intelligent manufacturing process development, system design and integration.

Research fields: Surface Engineering, Material Remanufacturing Technology