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From good to excellent - On the current situation and promotion space of domestic game art



18:30 - 19:30


School of Creativity and Art, E408


Wenlei Li is a senior developer and art supporter of Epic Games China. As an art designer, Wenlei Li has more than ten years of development experience in the game industry. Mainly engaged in the development of home computer, PC platform and next generation games. He has worked in CCP Games Asia, Ubisoft Shanghai and other companies as chief art designer, chief lighting designer, senior level art designer, etc.


Game art is the soul of game expression, good art can cooperate with the game itself to explain the point of view, in the invisible guide players to understand the whole game world. Due to the comprehensiveness of the game itself, game art covers a wide range of fields, including animation, modeling, special effects, UI, scenes, characters, etc.. These art works are complex and interrelated. Good game art ultimately presents to the players is a whole of all elements blending and interacting. How to leap from excellence to excellence in the art of a game requires great efforts in the team's aesthetic cognition and art realization.

What is the current situation of domestic game art? Where is the room for improvement? How to move from excellence to excellence? What are the requirements for game art talents and the whole game design team? In this issue of creative arts, we invite the senior developer of Epic Games China, Mr. Li, to share his views with us. We welcome the game lovers of ShanghaiTech University to have in-depth exchanges with Mr. Li.