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Dance of rationality and solo dance of sensibility -- improvisation of Body Workshop


2020.11.21 16:00


Gymnasium 201 Martial Arts Room

(Tips: Registration is required for the workshop; It is suggested to attend the lecture before attending the workshop.)

About· Activity

The study and work of modern society often stress preciseness and preciseness, but the development of creativity needs to jump out of the box. The balance between rationality and sensibility constantly appears in my work of creation, teaching and research. I found that my long-term exploration and care for my body, as well as my thinking and experiment on improvisation art, have become a kind of hidden nourishment, constantly feeding back to my work and life. In this workshop, I hope to share these experiences with you. With a series of exercises, the workshop will lead participants to pay attention to the various relationships and interactions between self and other (including the environment), and then detect and create various tiny sparks in the process of dancing together and dancing alone. Finally, we can see some theater works combining visual, acoustic design and dance for discussion. Participants are not required to have dance or other physical training experience. Let perception be open, we pursue the freedom of body and mind.

Body Workshop 70minutes

lecture 40minutes

QA 10minutes

Suitable participants: those who are interested in body creativity, performing arts, physical and mental development, without professional dance training background. Please wear comfortable and easy to move pants, do not wear accessories.

About· Guest

Jiayi Situ

PhD in Human Performance, University of California, Berkeley

Currently teaching at Shanghai Theatre Academy

Jiayi Situ, dedicated to performing arts research, creation, and education. His interests include contemporary dance theater, physical theater, dance film, dance/body and new media, record form creation, improvisational art; he has traveled through language symbols and physical experience for many years In between, continue to explore the relationship between cross-field creation and human-environment. He has worked with different dance companies in the past (as a dancer at the Wugou Dance Theater in Taiwan, Cie Felix Ruckert at the German Dance Theater, Stephan Koplowitz project in the United States), and is currently committed to the combination of performing arts theory, practice, and education.

She has cooperated with many art museums in Shanghai in public education activities, conducting experiments on impromptu dance, dance film, multiple spaces, and public participation. In the past three years, through teaching, workshops, and performance activities with Chinese and foreign students to explore and combine cross-cultural, field research, and documentary research and creation, accumulating three sessions of City·Record·Theatre performance, and with the United States Brown University anthropology professor Matthew Gutmann He led three intensive workshops in cooperation with the Winter Academy of Shanghai Theatre Academy.