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'From Science to Art' - lectures on materials and creative products

Imagine that there is a kind of 'paper' that can appear in your wardrobe, on your test bench, and even integrate into your life as furniture. It's Tyvek ®, Our paper stars, abandoning the traditional paper as an information carrier, ushered in a new era of materials. Tyvek ® Brand material is a non-woven technology material invented by DuPont scientists in the 1950s. It is made of 100% HDPE by DuPont's unique flash spunbond process. Special technology makes Tyvek ® It has the comprehensive material characteristics of paper, weaving and film. In the same volume, Tyvek ® It is lighter, and the products of complete combustion are only water and carbon dioxide. At the same time, it also has high strength, aging resistance, one-way ventilation and other characteristics. Tyvek is found in medical packaging, protective clothing and wall insulation ® The shadow of the world.

On November 12, the School of Creativity and Art invited Mr. Bao, a material expert, to give a lecture on materials and creative product design entitled science goes to art, which led the students of ShanghaiTech University to have a close contact with Tyvek ®, a special material, and try to use Tyvek ® to create something.

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