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The psychological enlightenment of Elsa's popularity around the world: the role of personality building from the perspective of Psychoanalysis

The image of Elsa in Frozen is popular all over the world. Why are children and many adults so obsessed with the image of Elsa? In this lecture, Professor Yijia Yan, a senior psychologist, will analyze the personality construction and development principle behind Elsa image by combining psychoanalysis and developmental psychology, decipher the psychological mechanism behind this popular IP and Disney routine, and explore how creators can integrate their own experience into the construction of roles and stories through free association.





School of Cretivity and Art, E408


Yijia Yan holds a master's degree in psychoanalytic development psychology at UCL University College, graduated from CAPA supervision group of Sino US psychoanalytic alliance, graduated from senior group of Sino German psychoanalytic training, and has worked as a psychological consultant for more than 10 years. Her research fields include psychoanalysis, developmental psychology, female psychology, and psychoanalytic cultural communication. Yijia Yan used to be a documentary producer and a psychoanalytic film critic for MySpace.

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