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Sports + Technology | Lectures by material designers of NIKE shoes

When it comes to Nike brand, I believe that we will not be unfamiliar, among which nike shoes are loved by people. With the segmentation of the consumers' demands for sports more and more accurate and precise, the factors affecting the consumers' purchase decision have gradually expanded from simple aesthetics and comfort to higher requirements on function and professionalism. This is a bigger challenge for designers.

Shoes designed by Ammo Liao

Shoe industry used to be a labor-intensive industry, but in recent years, the development of industrial production process and automation has profoundly changed the relationship between factories, sports brands and consumers. We have a pair of ordinary sports shoes on our feet, and the science and technology content involved in materials, physics, manufacturing and other fields may be far beyond imagination.

Shoes designed by Ammo Liao

In this activity, we have the honor to invite Mr. Liao, the designer of Nike footwear materials, to share his design road and experience with us. Mr. Liao studied physics as an undergraduate and turned to innovative design engineering after graduation. He has more than five years of working experience in the design industry.

If you want to know:

What is the experience of being a designer in a famous sports brand?

How should designers choose materials when facing different products?

How to combine design with technology? How do designers and engineers talk?

How should non design majors enter the circle and take the first step?

This Friday, 15:00,Science and Innovation Center,104.Let's explore the mystery of design!


Science and Innovation Center,104


2020.12.18 Friday



Ammo Liao is currently a designer of Nike footwear materials.

He recerived his master's degree in Royal College of art and London Imperial College Innovation Design Engineering. He won a James Dyson scholarship while studying, and his graduation project, bioknit project, was also invited by S. Jo ã The shoes of ODA madeira are on display in the museum and are in the collection.

He worked as an intern in Loop.PH Design Studio, an architectural studio in the UK, and cooperated with apujan, a fashion brand of APUJAN.

Selected in 2017 World Sneaker Competition TOP 16,NIKE SHANGHAI ON AIR TOP 9,2016 YouFab Award, etc.

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