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Activity review | Science To Art—Materials and Creative Products Exhibition



On 30 December 2020, “Science To Art—Materials and Creative Products Exhibition” was successfully opened in the Library of ShanghaiTech University. Organised by the School of Creativity and Art and the Laboratory of Experience and Emotion (LEAD). The exhibition features nearly 60 exhibits, all made of DuPont™ Tyvek® materials.

Qin Yi, Assistant Dean of the School of Creativity and Arts at ShanghaiTech University, and Chen Zheng Yan, Sales Director of DuPont's Safety and Building Security business in China, delivered opening speeches. Dean Qin said that the College has always been committed to promoting the integration of science education and art education, and that the rich research resources of the University will also help to achieve this goal.

Dean Qin also introduced the development of the School of Creative and Art and the vision of organising this event to the exhibitors, teachers and students - while the School is providing general education in art, it is also laying out design disciplines with emphasis on practice and application, and co-organising workshops and exhibition activities with DuPont is a good start for the School to collaborate with enterprises, and we look forward to We look forward to more in-depth collaboration with the industry in the future. Director Chen also said that design is the interface between technology and art, and that the collaboration between material scientists and designers can inspire new inspiration and creativity, helping to bring more excellent products to life.

The exhibition includes a wide range of products made from DuPont™ Tyvek® materials, including packaging, creative products, furniture, clothing, art paintings and lighting, as well as some of the winning entries of the DuPont™ Tyvek® Creativity and Design Competition, covering a wide range of applications of Tyvek® materials in daily life and art creation.

The exhibition attracted many students and teachers on the opening day. The exhibition is scheduled to run until the end of June 2021. All students and teachers are welcome to visit the exhibition.

Hosted by:

School of Creativity and Art, ShanghaiTech University


Special thanks to:

DuPont China Holding Co., Ltd.