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Future urban design and AI urban composition


March 31st, 2021

12:15 PM


Rm E408, SCA

The Smart City concept tends to improve quality of life by using digital technology and efficient resource consumption. But what about citizens happiness? Can we design smart cities as lovable places where imagination and reality merges in unique experience of urban life? How streets, subways, parks, malls and museums can transform into gates to alternative reality conceptualized by robots and machines? What is AI City Composition and how we can use it to compose human-centered intelligent living environment?

On Wednesday, March 31st, prof. Dr Predrag K. Nikolić will deliver a lecture on ‘Future Cities Design and AI City Composition’. The speech will present the novel conceptual approaches and design strategies to affect human behaviour through novel interactions within Artificial Intelligence supported mix realities in future cities.

‘AI city composition’ and AI.R (Artificial Intelligence Reality) was first time introduced by prof. Dr Predrag K. Nikolić at SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Conference and then invited by the MIT Technology Review to present the concept at EmTech MENA 2019 Conference. During the last 4 years, he is diligently developing and applying his framework through numerous projects such as: ‘In-Visible Island’, ‘Robosophy Philosophy’ ‘Botorikko Machine Created State’ and ‘Metaphysics of The Machines’, which will be present in this lecture.


Dr Predrag K. Nikolić is an Associate Professor and Principal Investigator at the School of Creativity and Art at ShanghaiTech University. Besides that, he is an Adjunct Professor at College For Creative Studies Detroit USA. His research focuses on intelligent interfaces, human-robot and robot -robot interaction, robot creativity, design for behavioural changes, and intelligent living environments. His design and artworks were exhibited worldwide and presented at the Ars Electronica Festival, SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, Technarte USA, Technarte Spain, Singapore Science Center, Hong Kong – Shenzhen Design Biennial, Maison Shanghai, National Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade, National Museum of Education in Belgrade. During his 20 years long career in the creative industry, he worked as creative director and senior executive for some of the world’s top creative agencies such as Ogilvy, Grey and Wunderman Thomson. He conceptualized and designed digital media presence for the clients such as Telenor, IBM, Nestle, Molson Coors, H&M, Mars, Coca-Cola, Credit Agricole Bank, Yahoo, Czech Airlines and many others.