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iF Design Award Winning Works Exhibition

Exhibition Time

4/26 - Early July

Exhibition Venue

ShanghaiTech University

South Wing Hall, School of Creativity and Art

Exhibition Statement

The iF Design Award is one of the highest awards in the world's industrial design industry.Since its inception in 1953, the iF Design Award has become a globally recognized symbol for commending good design. The award is regularly selected by the German iF International Design Forum every year. It is well-known for its "independent", "rigorous", and "reliable" award concept. It is committed to conveying the important value of excellent design to consumers, brands and society, and enhancing the public's awareness of design.

▲Part of the gold award works of the 2021iF Design Award

Image source: https://ifworlddesignguide.com

Today, the significance of industrial products goes beyond appearance and function. The impact of products and their design on the thinking, emotions and behavior of manufacturers, sellers and consumers, as well as their social significance, can no longer be ignored. Behind every designed product, there are thousands of ideas, needs and decisions that permeate every aspect of human life. The iF design award-winning works from 2015-2018 on display cover a wide range of categories such as sports and leisure, kitchenware, home daily use and smart living, which are the result of designers' continuous exploration, experimentation and innovation in various fields.

Exhibition Products

▲sports tracking bracelet

Design Company: Hot design

Manufacturer/Client: Gins hell Technical Co.

bong is the world's leading smartband brand. bong accurately tracks and automatically identifies status fluctuations in nine sports throughout the day, has a one-year battery life, and is the first smartband to automatically detect swimming movements. During the day, bong records calories burned and turns on active motivation mode. At night, it monitors sleep quality and provides you with sleep advice. bong is a better you. At the same time, bong guarantees IP67 waterproof rating, so you don't have to take it off whether you take a shower or go swimming. With an overall weight of only 14g, it's a no-brainer to wear.

▲COTON/portable washing machine

Design Company: AQUA Co., Ltd. TokyoJapan

Manufacturer/Customer: AQUA Co., Ltd.

COTON is the world's first portable washing machine that can be taken anywhere. It can instantly wash stains clean in restaurants, bars or anywhere else. The technology is unique and the design is simple. It is an eco-friendly product that consumes only 5cc of water and a small amount of liquid detergent. There are over 20 colors for customers to choose from.

▲Chill/Marble Base Glass

Design Company: PAŞABAHÇE

Manufacturer/Client: Şişecam Dış Ticaret A. Ş.

The design of the Chill series inherits the past and the present. Just like the ancient tradition of using stones cooled in river water to cool whiskey, the marble base is designed to be cooled in a freezer to keep the drink cool, fresh and strong. The glass bottle has a special curve, which can make the liquid move naturally, thereby increasing the flavor and aroma. This glass-marble combination complements and forms a soft and wonderful curve. The spherical bottom of the glass brings a playful touch to the design, while the concave form of the marble provides a smooth and stable surface for the glassware.

▲PT-D600 / Label Printer 

Design Company: AQUA Co., Ltd. TokyoJapan

Manufacturer/Customer: Brother Industries, Ltd.

The PT-D600 is a desktop label printer for office use with a maximum bandwidth of 24 mm. The high-resolution color display accurately reproduces label colors and provides a true preview of the output image before printing. A range of pre-installed fonts, patterns and templates can be quickly selected with the live preview function.The PT-D600 can also be connected to a PC for direct printing and content updates via editing software. The spacious QWERTY keyboard allows for easy and accurate typing with both hands, and the compact body length saves desk space.

▲Super Soda Maker/ Soft Drink Machine

Design Company: King Quanta Industrial Corp.

Manufacturer/Customer: King Quanta Industrial Corp.

This soda machine can mix ice cubes with drinks, perfectly playing Henry's law, making a variety of sparkling drinks. When the temperature is close to 0°C (32°F), the volume of carbon dioxide gas dissolved in the liquid doubles compared to that at 20°C (68°F), so a higher concentration of carbonated beverages can be made for health care, leisure, and leisure. Skin care use. The high-quality stainless steel bottle can withstand great pressure and has good hygiene; the plastic bottle head with antibacterial additives has two safety pressure control functions. This is an antibacterial product certified by SIAA.

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