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JAGDA 2020 Excellent Original Poster Exhibition

     The "Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) 2020 Yearbook Excellent Poster Exhibition" sponsored by the School of Creativity and Art and Library of ShanghaiTech University and co-organized by the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) will be in the lobby on the first floor of the library from May 17 Launched, the exhibition will last until June 4th.

Exhibition Period

May 17 to June 4, 2021

Exhibition address

1st Floor Lobby of ShanghaiTech Library

  Exhibition Statement  

In the field of graphic design, Japan has a high international status. In addition to the characteristics of national traditions, modern design actually began in the 1950s. It was promoted and developed by two important design associations. The first of these two organizations was the establishment of the Japan Propaganda Art Association in 1951. It was composed of Fumio Yamana (1897-1980), Kamekura Yūsaku (1915-1997), Takashi Kono (1906-1999) and others, this organization later evolved into the predecessor of the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA). The second organization was the 21st Club established in 1959, which later evolved into the Nippon Design Center (NDC), proposed by Yusaku Kamakura, Kazumasa Nagai (1929-), Ikko Tanaka , (1930-2002), Kōhei Sugiura (1932-), Shigeo Fukuda, (1932-2009) and other Japanese graphic designers. For more than sixty years, under the promotion of these two associations, Japanese graphic design masterpieces have emerged in endlessly and have a great influence.

  The Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) has launched a Graphic Design in Japan every year since 1981. It strictly selects and promotes outstanding works and is included in the yearbook, which has attracted great attention from the international design community.

  What we are showing you today are the 80 selected works of the JAGDA exhibition in 2020. The judges are all graphic design masters such as Kenya Hara (1958-). From these works, we can understand the situation of Japanese contemporary graphic design. All the original prints on display in the ShanghaiTech University library are provided by JAGDA.

Shouzhi Wang

Associate Dean of School of Creativity and Art, ShanghaiTech University

May 2021


     Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) is one of the most famous professional design organizations in Japan and the world, and the largest design organization in Asia. The association began to publish the design yearbook "Graphic Design In Japan" in 1981, which is also a collection of design works of the year that has been widely followed by designers around the world. Every year, the association passes strict selection and selects about 600 types (1,500 pieces) from a large number of works to be published in the design yearbook of that year, making it a collection of design works of the year that is widely concerned by designers all over the world. All selected works are Today’s Japanese graphic design is excellent and representative design works. It can be said that through JAGDA Design Yearbook, you can understand the highest level of Japanese graphic design today.

     In addition, from all the works, the "Kamekura Yusaku Prize" will be awarded to the best designer. For particularly outstanding works, designers are awarded the "JAGDA Award", and young graphic designers who have the highest expectations for their future design careers are selected for the "JAGDA Newcomer Award".

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