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Exhibitions and Teaching Displays


The School of Creativity and Art of ShaghaiTech University was officially established in November 2017. Through courses and activities that integrate art, design and technology, the Academy builds a pioneering research, experimentation, communication, growth and breakthrough incubation platform for young students, with the aim of bringing new inspiration and momentum to the leap of spiritual and cultural life of human beings in China and around the world.

The teaching of the college is not limited to the classroom. We hope to enrich students' perceptual knowledge of art and design through exhibitions and displays, and we also look forward to finding the emotional resonance of human beings towards creativity in the exhibition process. To this end, we have compiled the existing exhibitions and displays of the College of Creativity and Art to help everyone understand the past and present of the College and jointly explore the future of human creativity, art, and design.

Exhibition introduction:  

1.Admissions Introduction of Intelligent Design

The School of Creativity and Art will recruit the first intelligent design (and industrial design) undergraduate students in the fall of 2021. The college arranged a comprehensive enrollment introduction in the main entrance hall on the first floor of the North Building. This area fully displays the content of the School of Creativity and Art, Intelligent Design Major, Academy Facilities, Laboratory Information, Industrial Design and Intelligent Design Introduction, Design Process Introduction, etc.

2.ShanghaiTech SCA Academic Comprehensive Exhibition

For a long time, the School of Creativity and Art of ShanghaiTech University has undertaken the task of offering general education courses in art and design for the whole school. There are not only the school-wide compulsory course "Design Thinking", but also art general courses, art practice courses and various design courses. The Academic Comprehensive Exhibition in the fall semester of 2020 provides a opportunity for everyone to understand the college and courses.

A total of 7 courses including Design Thinking, Digital Product Design, Production and Consumption of Popular Culture, Color Theory and Tpplication, Visual Storytelling, Psychology of Interaction Design, and Introductory Interaction Design in this exhibition. Through various forms such as board display and multimedia playback, the students' unreliable creativity and innovative practice level of diligently growing under the guidance of the teacher are presented.

The rich and colorful course results objectively reflect the teaching quality of the college, and also strongly prove the positive interaction between teachers and students. This shows that the School of Creative Arts has been practicing the "General, Specialized and Integrated" education characteristics under the guidance of the teaching concept of "design, art and technology, the trinity". We look forward to seeing you at the College of "SCA Academic Comprehensive Exhibition"!

3.Design, In Everywhere——iF Design Award Winning Works Exhibition

The iF Design Award is one of the highest awards in the world's industrial design industry.Since its inception in 1953, the iF Design Award has become a globally recognized symbol for commending good design. The award is regularly selected by the German iF International Design Forum every year. It is well-known for its independent, rigorous, and reliable award concept. It is committed to conveying the important value of excellent design to consumers, brands and society, and enhancing the public's awareness of design.

Today, the significance of industrial products goes beyond appearance and function. The impact of products and their design on the thinking, emotions and behavior of manufacturers, sellers and consumers, as well as their social significance, can no longer be ignored. Behind every designed product, there are thousands of ideas, needs and decisions that permeate every aspect of human life. The iF design award-winning works from 2015-2018 on display cover a wide range of categories such as sports and leisure, kitchenware, home daily use and smart living, which are the result of designers' continuous exploration, experimentation and innovation in various fields.

4.Science To Art—Materials and Creative Products Exhibition

DuPont™ Tyvek®, a key invention in DuPont's 200-year "miracle of science", is a high-density polyethylene material made by DuPont's proprietary flash spunbond process. The unique manufacturing process gives it the combined material properties of paper, fabric and film. In recent years, more and more designers and artists have embraced Tyvek®, using its material properties in a variety of creative designs to create more unique, technologically advanced and creative products that realize more cutting-edge design concepts.

The exhibition includes the winning entries of DuPont™ Tyvek® Creativity and Design Competition, fine packaging, cultural and creative products, furniture, clothing, art paintings, lighting, Tyvek® materials and reprocessing, etc., covering the application of Tyvek® materials in various fields such as daily life and art creation.

5.Introduction to the world's century-old classic design

In the past hundred years, there have been many designs across generations, from the space shuttle to the peeler, each classic design will lead the industry change and innovation. In the present, these designs influence our behavior and life; in the long run, these designs also influence the process of human beings. We look forward to exploring the many possibilities of the future from the wisdom of our predecessors.

In the corridor of the fifth floor of the East Building of the School of Creative and Art, the "Introduction to the world's century-old classic design" was presented, combining the research of Illinois Institute of Technology on 100 years of classic designs and the outstanding Chinese design works recommended by the teaching team of the College.

6. Industrial Design of the Greatest Designers of the Last Hundred Years Touring Exhibition

The School of Creative and Art will recruit the first undergraduate students of Intelligent Design (and Industrial Design) in the fall of 2021. To this end, we have compiled a list of outstanding industrial designers, which is placed on the outer wall of the industrial design workshop on the first floor of the Student Science and Technology Innovation Center, to introduce the design philosophy of the predecessors to the teachers and students of the school and future students of intelligent design and classic case. In the follow-up, we will also introduce more excellent cases by theme.

The above is a summary of all the exhibitions and displays of the School of Creative and Art

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