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Creative and Art professionals are an indispensable part of society. The School of Creative and Art will inject new inspiration and motivation for the next generation of China, and promote our cultural and spiritual life while enhancing humanities and arts education. To understand creative art, you must experience it firsthand and keep an open mind to novel and unorthodox ideas. We encourage students to re-examine their world and think about problems from new perspectives. Creative and Art talent is one of the skills of artists and scientists. Artists inject imagination, and scientists verify facts and observations. Then with stronger creative skills, scientists can explore more freely and visualize observation results more clearly.

The School of Creative and Art provides unique and beneficial courses and experiences for undergraduates and graduate students. The knowledge and skills acquired by students will provide insights into their professional and personal lives. The basic courses of the School of Creative and Art include film research, creative programming, game design, and a full range of teaching of traditional and performing arts. As the curriculum expands, the college will provide the most commonly used innovative software tools in the visual effects industry to meet the needs of students to apply large amounts of data to highly accurate simulations.

China will lead the world in the fields of science and engineering. When we fully integrate art and science, we can make lasting contributions to mankind. Thoughts promote science, and hearts stimulate art. I believe that our joint efforts will achieve success beyond expectations!