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CASE achieved good results

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference of ShanghaiTech University (referred to as "Double Entrepreneurship Conference") is a science, education and industry integration platform for ShanghaiTech University's entrepreneurial practice education, teacher and student entrepreneurship financing, and the transformation of scientific research results. In 2021, the 4th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference gathered 114 entries from universities, research institutes, and hospitals. More than 479 teachers and students participated, and 116 investment institutions and companies were invited as guest commentators.

CASE organized a total of three student teams. A total of 21 students participated in the physical science (new materials/new energy/carbon neutral technology) and information science (new generation information technology/artificial intelligence/intelligent manufacturing) special competitions. , Won one first prize and two third prizes. The performance of the students in the competition was praised by investment institutions and corporate judges, which also affirmed the students' innovative spirit and scientific research practice ability.

The team that won the first prize

Two teams that won the third prize

There are 38 participating projects in the physical science session, from ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai DianJi University, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai institute of Organic Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China etc. .A team of 7 students from CASE, Rongfa Zhao, Yixuan Chen, Jiapeng Li, Zhengnan Zhao, Siyu Sun, Kanjie Du, and Zezhou Peng participated in the project "High-performance heat exchanger for thermal management of next-generation new energy vehicles based on additive manufacturing".  The project focused on new The heat exchange system of energy vehicles explored the possibility of the next generation of high-performance heat exchangers through micro-channel structure design and additive manufacturing technology, and finally won the first prize in the student group of the material science special session with the first overall score.

There are 26 participating projects in the Information Science Session. A team of 8 students from CASE, Cheng Peng, Li Hao, Shenhuan Lu, Maoyang Zheng, Chunyu Deng, Hao Chen, Yao Wang and Xinyi Tan participated in the project "Laser 3D Contour Measuring Instrument", which is based on the complex surface of multiple lasers. The three-dimensional contour automatic measurement system can realize efficient and accurate complex surface contour measurement and feature parameter calculation. Yuezhi Wang, Xiang Li, Zijian Li, Yuancheng Wang, Zhongan Wang, and Zuo  Tang composed the team of 6 students to participate in the project "Inner Profile Optical Measuring Instrument Based on Multi-ring Structured Light". The structured light internal profile measuring instrument, as well as the practical application-oriented contour feature extraction algorithm and data processing, can replace many current measuring equipment to achieve large measurement range, sub-millimeter measurement accuracy, and in-situ measurement. Both of these projects won the third prize in the information science session.

Students are discussing with investment institutions