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Leaders of Lianhe Investment — visited the Center for Adaptive System Engineering (CASE)

In the first week of the new semester after the Spring Festival in 2022, Qin Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Lianhe Investment Co., Ltd., Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee Liu Yijing, Vice President Zhang Qi, Vice President Yang Qinyong, and Deputy Director of the Office Came to School of Creativity and Art. The Center for Adaptive System Engineering (CASE) extended condolences and sincere greetings to all CASE faculty and researchers. The leaders of Lianhe Investment first visited the additive manufacturing engineering application laboratory that CASE will focus on building in 2021. CASE director Yang Rui and deputy director Wu Yingna introduced the EOS M450 large-format selective laser melting equipment that is being commissioned. CASE will use this equipment to focus on the integrated 3D printing problem of complex structures of large-scale special-shaped space and curved surfaces in 2022.

Micro-combustion engine display with CASE optimized design and 3D printed combustion chamber components

CASE researchers also introduced some scientific research progress and entrepreneurship and innovation projects in the field of intelligent manufacturing in 2021 to the leaders of Lianhe Investment. Including 3D printing to prepare fuel nozzles for aviation and deep-sea robotic arm components, design and preparation of heat exchangers based on topological microstructure, 3D profile measurement of blades, 3D scanning of inner cavity structure, adaptive visual recognition of door industry spraying, and robot painting technology.

3D printed heat exchanger unit

Door industry spraying adaptive visual recognition and robot trajectory technology pilot site

Robotic arm painting display

Afterwards, the leaders of Lianhe Investment held a discussion with all the teaching staff and researchers of CASE. Director Yang Rui briefly introduced the CASE development plan and the key tasks during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Lianhe Investment for its strong support for CASE construction in the past two years. Qin Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Lianhe Investment, fully affirmed CASE's work and achievements in the past year. He emphasized that CASE is a key link in the overall layout of Lianhe in the field of energy power and intelligent manufacturing, expecting CASE to play a key role, and said that Lianhe will, as always, fully support the next construction of CASE.