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The School of Creativity and Art Held the Opening Ceremony of the 2022-2023 Academic Year

At the beginning of the new semester, the School of Creativity and Art welcomed the second batch of undergraduates in the direction of smart design of industrial design and the first batch in entertainment design. On September 2, 18 undergraduate students from various provinces gathered together with the teachers and students from the School.

Opening ceremony scene

Opening ceremony scene

The Industrial Design program is entering its second year. Students of the Intelligent Design direction in the 2021 academic year have grown up for a year in this place where science and art intertwine. Now, a new group of students from the Intelligent Design Direction joins the ranks of their predecessors, waiting for the seeds that belong to them to take root and sprout in this land. At the same time, the arrival of the first undergraduate students in the direction of entertainment design has added a bright color to the industrial design of the school, and we expect them to write a different kind of music here.

Opening ceremony scene

Message from the Dean

Message from Dean Ruigang Li 

Dean Li firstly recalled the various aspects of the industrial design program during the two years from preparation to establishment. The leadership of the college brought in strong faculty from home and abroad for the establishment and growth of the college, and brought in talents from the top of the design industry to lay the foundation for the construction of the college and the design of the curriculum. The perseverance and sincere cooperation of the faculty during the epidemic ensured that the work of the college was carried out properly and the preparatory plan for the new major was implemented.

Secondly, Dean Li expressed his expectations for the new students of the class of 22: he first congratulated all the new students who joined the family of ShanghaiTech. As an emerging institution, SUSTech is a rising star with great potential, and its reputation at home and abroad continues to soar and its influence continues to expand. We are deeply involved in this hot land of SUSTech, and we are responsible for making a breakthrough in both design theory and practice for SUSTech, which requires the joint efforts of teachers and students of the School of Creative Arts.

Facing the changing future, Dean Li said: China's creative design industry today is facing the challenge of industrial iteration, and there is a need to make changes in the teaching field, theoretical field and industry. The aesthetic interests of the new generation have to be discovered and met by the post-00 students, and the digitization and industrialization of products and their integration with cutting-edge technologies have to be realized by the students.

Message from Dean Shouzhi Wang 

Dean Wang expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the strong support from the university since the establishment of the School of Creativity and Art. The leaders of the university made the decision to establish the schoolin addition to many natural science colleges at the very beginning of the university, and within just three years after the implementation of the plan, two new majors of smart design and entertainment design, which are the national leaders, were created. Such a speed of creating arts cannot be achieved without the full support of the school, the hard and deep work of the teaching and management team and the active cooperation of the students of SUSTech.

  New school, new major, new atmosphere, Dean Wang's speech always revolved around three new words. Compared with the whole country, ShanghaiTech University has created the first entertainment design major, combining the concept of big Internet with traditional design, and devoting to cultivating design talents who meet the new era and new needs; looking at the world, the School of Creativity and Art has abandoned the traditional distinction between theory department and practice department in the teaching of the two design majors, and instead used theory department and practice department. In the teaching of the two design majors, the school has abandoned the traditional distinction between theory department and practice department and used the teaching mode of criticism department instead, so as to truly cultivate creative talents by combining theory and practice. Finally, President Wang earnestly hoped that students would knock on the teachers' door more often when they encountered problems, and the most effective way to become an excellent designer is to have spiritual communication and collision of ideas with successful designers.

A letter to myself

On the eve of the opening ceremony, the seniors of the 21st grade asked the freshmen to prepare a letter for themselves, a letter to themselves in four years. They also wrote such a letter last year, in which they set goals for themselves and expressed their feelings about the present. The seniors hope that the younger students can also record what they want to say to their present selves, so that when they open and read this letter four years later, they will definitely feel that this journey is precious.

Dream Box matching envelope

College Tour

On the opening ceremony, faculty members led students on a tour of the college's studios, galleries, first floor exhibition hall and five major laboratories, and took photos at each location.

College Tour

Ceremony Begin

At the opening ceremony, the eighteen new students came on stage in turn at the call of the host and made a personalized self-introduction, telling about their personalities, why they chose School Creativity and Art, why they chose their majors and their visions for the future. Painting, dancing, writing, arranging music, photography etc. No matter which hobby prompted the students to choose Smart Design or Entertainment Design, the light in their eyes was full of great enthusiasm to combine technology and beauty to make design better, and the desire to make their own design. They are ready to go!

Personalized self-introduction

After introducing themselves, each student put a letter to themselves four years later into the Dream Box. The deep blue envelope carries the students' dreams into the sky. May they open the envelope four years later with a smile on their faces and applaud themselves for the four years they have come all the way.

Drop the letter into the Dream Box

At the end of the ceremony, the new students received a mysterious gift designed and made by the seniors themselves - a puzzle pendant. The pattern design, frame design, uv printing, material cutting and assembly, signature collection and engraving of this gift were all planned and completed by the students of Grade 21 Intelligent Design. In the picture, the School of Creativity and Art is located in the clouds, symbolizing that the College is a new start for the students' dreams; the Dream Box floats with the balloons, full of the students' dreams floating to the distance. The puzzle engraved with the students' signatures represents that everyone is an integral part of the college, and that we will unite to help each other in the future and make progress together to create the brilliance of the School of Creativity and Art.

Gifts for new students from seniors

Mystery Gift

In the next four years, the school will walk side by side with all the new students to trace the blueprint of their dreams together. We look forward to the students discovering themselves, creating the world and opening up their own future in this big family of Creativity and Art.

Group photo of new students and teachers

Group photo of faculty and students