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From Baroque to Shostakovich

     This semester, Kedao College and the School e of Creativity and Art jointly present a series of classical music appreciation events. Tonight, the first lecture: From Baroque to Shostakovich will be shared by Professor Wang Shouzhi, Associate Dean of the School of Creativity and Art.

     Previously, Mr. Wang has shared the growth and influence that music has brought to him, and many students have touched on the entire development of Western music in Mr. Wang's passionate sharing. This time, Mr. Wang intends to talk about a series of classical genres and representative figures, and listen to them together as we experience the beauty that music brings to life.

     Tonight, welcome to the School of Creativity and Art [E307] (main hall) to delight your ears and unwind from a week of exhaustion in the premium sound. We hope that through this fun + knowledge experience, you will learn more about classic, diversified and valuable culture.

     Event Time: Friday, October 28th 18:00-20:00

     Venue: School of Creativity and Art [E307] (Main Venue)

     Tencent Conference Number: 668-375-180