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Review | The decisive moment of design ?


     Every student studying design has a most sincere dream to make their creative ideas come true. As an innovative interdisciplinary discipline, design places great emphasis on the combination of theory and practice in their studies and enhances students' innovative thinking and multidisciplinary integration capabilities.

     Students acquire abstract theories and cognition about design theory, innovation creation and design performance, but lack concrete knowledge and understanding of design work. External designers from various industries have long struggled in the front line of design work and have rich experience and unique understanding of knowledge and practice of business logic, market analysis, design and mass production process.

     In the event SCA - Presentheld on October 26, we invited Yifan Zhang, Partner and General Manager of Phoenix Design China, and Libin Li, Studio Manager of Phoenix Design, to give a lecture on the topic The decisive moment of design? in the event.

Part 1

     The lecture opened with a story, in which Mr. Zhang Yifan shared the story of the two founders of PHOENIX DESIGN and the development of the company, introducing their core culture of "logic, ethics and charm", and subtly introducing the theme of "design and culture". The theme of "Design and Culture" was introduced, followed by a presentation on the concept of design and working methods from a macro perspective in the context of PHOENIX DESIGN's global vision. The discussion was full of vivid and concrete ideas.

     During the discussion, there was no lack of vivid and concrete product cases and retrospective of life scenes, students could see a design company with logic, ethics and charm to grasp the design vitality in the pulse of the times, leave a footprint and strive to become a classic. The students could see the desire and powerful attempt of a design company with "logic, ethics and charm" to grasp the design vitality in the pulse of the times, keep the footprints and strive to become a classic.

Students listen and think carefully

Part 2

     The second part of the lecture was hosted by Mr. Libin Li, who mainly shared the corporate culture and team values related to personnel culture building and operation, pointing out the significance of the unique personality color of each team member in the composition of team culture building, striving to establish a sense of belonging and involvement for team members, and enabling them to work in a caring, energetic and challenging environment through a time-precision-oriented operation and a rigorous and efficient management model.

       At the same time, he also combined some examples of the team's work and explained to the students the concrete implementation of the studio's cultural concepts such as "encourage speak-up", "care for each other" and "grow with clients", as well as the expectation of cultivating and recruiting multi-disciplinary talents.

       In the Q&A session at the end of the lecture, Mr. Zhang Yifan and Mr. Li Libin patiently answered the questions raised by the students, such as "the background of product case implementation", "the method of design project completion", and "the goal of finding" and solving design problems, and gave sincere and effective industry advice and working methods, which benefited the students greatly.

After the lecture, the students had an in-depth communication with the designer and teacher

Let's have a look at the activity site and the feelings of the students!

Student Feedback

     "The speaker's interpretation of design philosophy, design culture, and team culture are very relevant to our current problems and situation, starting from a high-dimensional context while supplementing our understanding with vivid cases, making a good demonstration of how to grasp the proportion of big and small in design."

 ——Shenhuan Lu (Smart Design, Class of 2021)

     "Seeing the process of PHOENIX from international to local, I realized that "pursuing international vision" may not be the only choice for design development, and that the design direction of the new era for designers may also be a new perspective based on local."

——Yutong Liu (Smart Design, Class of 2021)

"The concept of "social ecology" mentioned in the lecture pointed out a way for me to increase the thickness of design - to observe macro trends and changes, and to realize the guiding power and social responsibility of design. The sharing on teamwork guided us to think about how to balance organization and openness in a team, using planning and logic to achieve our goals."

 ——Haiqi Gong (Smart Design, Class of 2021)


     Founded in Germany in 1987, PHOENIX DESIGN is an internationally renowned design firm with offices in Munich, Stuttgart and Shanghai, China, and a team of more than 80 international expert designers. Based on the core values of logic, ethics and charisma, Phoenix Design creates product design, interaction design and digital ecosystems that are dedicated to creating intelligent and substantial brand experiences and superior business sense that are more relevant to people's lives today and in the future. To date, the company has received upwards of 800 world-class design awards and is ranked #1 on the iF World Design Index list. Design works include smartphones, service robots, office chairs, fitness equipment bathroom sanitary ware, etc.