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Preview | Professor Shouzhi Wang ——The Film Studio System (Lecture 1)

The Film Studio System

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This semester

Professor Wang Shouzhi

Film Lecture Series was held

This Wednesday, November 23rd from 18:00-19:00

will bring you

"The Film Studio System"

(Lecture 1)

The United States is known as the world's number one film country not only because of its global box office dominance, but also because its film industry has always been far ahead of other countries, forming a unique system called The Film Studio System. This system is a collection of highly divided labor in film production, where each stage of the filmmaking process is handled in a production line manner, and the producer oversees every aspect of the film production, including writing, directing, editing and distribution. The films produced under this system aim to appeal to a wide audience, using high quality techniques to increase the appeal of the film, and the conventions and formulas of the narrative are repeated over and over again, giving rise to genre films.


In this film lecture series, Prof. Wang Shouzhi will take you through the history of "The Film Studio System" and introduce its formation and evolution.


Event time:

This Wednesday, November 23rd 18:00-19:00


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School of Creativity and Art

Classroom E307 (main venue)

Classroom E408 (sub-court)


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